Lowcountry Dark Ale

Black IPA / Cascadian Dark Ale

What’s in a name? In the beer world, a lot, apparently. As highly-hopped, darker ales became all the rage over the last few years, the fight over what to call the style got fierce, and at times, ridiculous. Are they Black IPAs? Cascadian Dark Ales? American Black Ales? Who cares, good beer is good beer. As fans of the style, tiring of the battle over semantics, we brewed Lowcountry Dark Ale. It’s a hoppy, dark ale, brewed in the Lowcountry. ‘Nuff said.

We put a chunk of this beer into bourbon barrels about once a year, dubbing it Barrel-Aged LDA.

Other details

IBUs: 70
Notable hops: Summit, Northern Brewer
Notable malts: Pale, Crystal 20, Crystal 60, Munich Dark, Roast, Carafa I
Release type: Seasonal
Season: Summer