Notorious P.I.G.

American Porter

We settled on Pluff Mud Porter as a year-round beer early in the planning stages of Holy City, stages that also included some wild ideas. One of these ideas was to bring bacon and beer together, literally. Coming from the smoked porter angle, we dabbled with how to get all the right aspects of bacon into our porter recipe without the potentially detrimental side effects. For the eventual full production batch, this meant 40 pounds of thoroughly flat-top cooked bacon, as well as bacon-grease-soaked wood chips, going into the fermenter. Kegging from the bottom of the tank allowed us to leave the fat behind, resulting in a decadent, drinkable porter with a porky soul.

“...And if you don’t know, now you know...”

Other details

IBUs: 20
Notable hops: Northern Brewer
Notable malts: Pale, Crystal 20, Crystal 60, Munich II, Carafa II
Release type: Occasional