Super Captain

American Amber / Red Ale

Doctor Capt'n Sweet Red, a.k.a. Brewer Sean Guidera, is responsible for a lot of beer names. Don't believe us? Type "Guidera" in our search bar.

While you're doing that, we're adding yet another beer to the Sweet Red portfolio. Turns out, Capt'n loves red ales. Who knew? He loves them so much we brewed a huge, hoppy, citrusy explosion of a double red ale for him.

When beers get twice as big, we call them "double" or "imperial." When people get twice as big, we call them "Super." We give you - Super Captain.

Hey, it worked for Mario.

Other details

Notable hops: Northern Brewer, Citra
Notable malts: Pale, Crystal, Roast, Flaked Corn
Release type: Occasional