Toolbox Full of Rainbows

American Amber / Red Ale

This beer was brewed in collaboration with our fine friends at Tradesman Brewing Company in James Island. The folks at Tradesman love to give their beers names that have to do with tools, mechanical things, and heavy duty stuff, so we all got together and decided that we’d brew a beer called Toolbox Full of Rainbows.

This Double Red Ale gets its brilliant red hue from the CaraAroma and CaraRed malts that we use in the build. The beer needed a beautiful deep amber color to be worthy of name containing "Rainbows," after all. We then dry-hopped it with Centennial, Cascade and Azzaca hops to give it a fruity, piney backnote to smooth out the malty body. It’s always a pleasure to get together and collaborate with other brewers, but it’s even more fun when they’re good friends of ours. For IPA lovers and fans of reds and ambers.

Other details

Notable hops: Azzaca, Centennial, Cascade, Warrior
Notable malts: CaraRed, CaraAroma, Pale
Release type: Occasional