Vandelay Export

Dortmunder / Export Lager

"...Yeah, yeah. She's seeing this guy, Art Vandelay..."

If there's one thing we learned from Seinfeld, it's that there's no point in just being an importer. The real money is in importing/exporting. Taking this lesson to heart, we brewed a German-style Export Lager, but imported some American hops, atypical for the style, into the picture. It's a big lager at 6.3% ABV, but the hop varietals generate more than enough bitterness to meet the malt's challenge.

One rule: if you're drinking this beer and the phone rings, you have to answer "Vandelay Industries."

Other details

IBUs: 50
Notable hops: Brewers Gold, Cascade
Notable malts: Bohemian Pilsner
Release type: Occasional