White Choconaut (Frothy Beard collaboration)

American Porter

Just for funsies, we collaborated with our friends and fellow North-Charlestonians at Frothy Beard Brewing Company on two beers in mid-2015, one brewed at each of our facilities. The idea was for us to put a new spin on one of each others' beers, because why not?

White Chococnaut is a new spin on Frothy's Choconaut, a low ABV oatmeal stout chock full of chocolate just like the name suggests. For our take, we removed all of the dark malt from the recipe, and added lactose and extra chocolate. You might think of this as a "white porter," with all of the smooth mouthfeel and chocolately goodness you'd expect from its much darker cousin. At 3.8%, it's warm-weather ready, so come out for a pint of sweet NoChas goodness!

Other details

Notable hops: Warrior, Fuggle
Notable malts: Pale, Flaked Oats, Carahell, Crystal
Release type: Occasional