STAR WARS Team Trivia

Wed, May 25 - 6:30 - 8:30

We're putting a twist on our weekly trivia night! We will do an entire Star Wars-themed game on May 25th, with $40, $20, and $10 HCB gift cards going to the first, second and third-place teams!

We're doing a unique Star Wars-themed food menu as well, and we are brewing a Light Side and Dark Side beer for the evening, so look out for those brews, too!

Tell all your friends! 

Here's some answers to frequently asked questions about the nature of our trivia nights, to those who haven't had the pleasure of going:

Is it kid-friendly/dog-friendly?

Yes! Holy City always provides an environment for children, both two-legged and four-legged. These events tend to be very crowded, though, so as long as it's cool with you, it's cool with us!

Do we have to make reservations?

No! HCB Taproom provides a laid-back environment where everything is ordered through the bar, so don't worry about making reservations, even for big groups. It is a first-come first-serve as far as seating goes, so you might want to show up early to snag a spot!

Do you have food?

Yes! We'll be running a special food menu for the night, with plenty of Star Wars puns in tow. The kitchen closes at 8pm, so last order is in at 7:45, but we will continue to serve beer until the trivia game is over.

Is there a limit on team size?

No! Bring all your buddies to help you claim that first prize. No cheating, though, so we better not see you on your cell phone! 

We hope to see you there!