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Biere de Garde


Sometimes we try to make the craziest beers we can dream up in these heads of ours. There are other times, however, where we decide to make a true-to-style beer that is a solid, delicious libation. This is one of those times where our beer name is straight-forward, and it’s a Franco-Belgian beer that is fruity, delicious and malty.
Biere De Garde is our take on the keeping beer for French farmhouses in the spring and the summertime, to avoid the unpredictability of yeasts when it gets very hot outside. We started with a build of Pale and Munich malts, and we hopped this brew with Hallertau Hershbruker and Cascade before we let our Canadian Belgian yeast do its work and turn water into beer. Sitting nice at a medium-high ABV of 7.1%, this beer is a sipper in the summer that’s crisp and delicious.

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