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As of Thursday, 3/26/2020, we are carry-out only, open from 12-7pm. This includes to-go beer! 25% off all retail beer today. Short kitchen menu, and you can click this little orange bar to order online. Stay safe, everyone. Cheers. -HCB team

Bubba Blonde Ale


Bubba Blonde came to fruition in the summer of 2019, when we partnered with lifestyle brand, Bubba Blade. These guys love getting out on the water, and fishing is their forte. We wanted to brew a blonde ale with celis yeast, a perfect boat beer to toss to a buddy while the rods are cast out in the open water. 

We started canning this beer, and working with the guys from Bubba Blade to push it at events and gettogethers, but we’ve also got it on draft in the taproom, and when we make a fresh batch, we can some up. It’s the cool-looking white can with the red writing. If you’re thinking about going out on the boat, you should grab a six-pack of Bubba Blonde. It also tastes just as good on the porch, or at a friend’s house for a backyard barbecue.

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