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There is a sport called Sasketball, and it only exists one place on the entire planet: Holy City Brewing. This is a complex sport where there are no teams. Everyone is on their own on the half-court, and they can use anything but their arms to get the ball in the hoop. The production team plays this after their long hours slaving away, brewing and kegging beer, and it’s just as entertaining when you’re spectating. It’s a true sight to behold.

One of the greatest Sasketball stars of all time is one of our favorite long-time employees, Matt Devine. He took several championships in this sport, and his fancy footwork earned him the nickname Dividiño. He is leaving us this fall, in November 2017, to go travel the world with his lovely girlfriend, so we had to brew a beer for his going away party.

Dividiño is a horchata blonde ale. We used Carolina Gold rice as well as a couple sacks of lactose sugar, steeped almonds, cinnamon and all the good stuff to give this blonde ale the taste of the classic Hispanic rice punch. The Dividiño release party is on October 23rd, 2017, so make sure you’re the first one in line to taste this adventurous, crazy ale!

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