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East Side Saison


This is one of the first beers we brewed to be featured at our new downtown location, partnered with EVO Pizzeria. We’re calling the project Baker & Brewer, and it’s located on 94 Stuart Street in downtown Charleston. The location’s pretty cool, too. It’s going to feature a commercial bakery and cafe in the front of the building, a pizzeria with a twenty-tap HCB wall and a full liquor bar, and in the back, we’ve got a five-barrel brewhouse that’s going to concentrate solely on French and Belgian beers as well as wild ales. We are releasing these special beers under the moniker of Provost Cellars, but all will be brewed and conditioned by the fine people at our brewery. 

Meet the East Side Saison. It’s a combination of saison yeast, pale malt, Sorachi Ace and Hallertau Blac hops, and it’s nice and bright. We tossed some lemongrass into the mix to add some depth to the flavor profile, and we gave it a nice carb so it has a crisp finish. If you’re as excited about our new spot with EVO as we are, come on down to the brewery and have one. It’s like looking into the future!

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