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Frank Sappa


Jeremy loves Frank Zappa. He rocks him over the loudspeakers in the taproom all the time, and he’ll sing you every word if you let him. Jeremy loves IPAs, and rightfully so, he deserves to drink a pint after a long shift at the bar that is named in the honor of one of his favorite musical acts. We give you the Frank Sappa IPA, and like Jeremy’s dad jokes, it’s dry.

We combined Falconers’ Flight hops with Australian Galaxy hops, giving this crisp IPA notes of grapefruit, lemon and pine, with some high alpha acid hop-bite and enough essential oil to make this one real dry, hoppy, and extremely fragrant. We counteract the light Pilsner malt with corn to give this one a nice body. It’s piney and sappy, ready to punch you in the nose. Come have a pint and listen to a Zappa song with Jeremy, the “Big Dog”, and drink a Frank Sappa IPA.

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