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Our Head Brewer, Sean Guidera, has been lovingly referred to as “Captain” since he started working with us. He’s the kind of guy that makes sure everyone’s being as efficient as possible while ensuring the fun level of the brewery stays at an all-time high. For his second IPA recipe in our six-part 2017 Summer IPA series, he brewed a real tasty one, and we called it Friendship, because that’s the name we gave the fictional boat in which he is the master and commander.

Friendship uses flaked oats and pale malts to give it a nice, rich body. We add some Huell Melon hops to add some melon and strawberry notes, and some Hallertau Blanc to give it some nice hints of white wine and some earthy notes as well. It’s the type of beer that the pirates of the Friendship would swill all day, while singing, “O, Captain! My Captain!”

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