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General Saturday Saison


Holy City has a new crew of folks brewing on Saturdays. Some of their faces are new, and others are familiar, but they’re all new to Saturday. In appreciation of their hard work on a lot of folks’ day off, we’re brewing a series of saisons named after these gorgeous individuals.

General Saturday Saison is named for General Saturday, a.k.a Doctor Capt’n Sweet Red, a.k.a. Assistant Brewer Sean Guidera, a.k.a. The Guy With Enough Nicknames Already. Capt’n is heading up our Saturday operations, hence the new name and rank. His saison will be a simple one – low ABV, lots of fruity aromas from the yeast, 5% ABV. This doesn’t mean Capt’n is a simple man. On the contrary, he’s complex and mysterious. How could a man with six nicknames be anything less?

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