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Holy Citra, RJ!


We’ve collaborated with our upstate buddies at RJ Rockers twice before, producing Stuck on Rye 26 at their brewery and then Holy Citra, RJ! at ours. When we contemplated doing four collaboration beers for Brewvival 2014, there was no question we needed them on the roster.

Looking at the big pile of things we have in common, one stuck out: coffee. We haven’t produced a beer with coffee before, while the RJ crew has done Mocha Java Porter. In the great craft brewing spirit of stealing info from your competitors (who will gladly help you because you’re really friends), the inspiration for Half Calf was born.

We used cold-press coffee from Little River Coffee Roasters in Spartanburg, and applied them to a strong-ish milk stout, giving us a super roasty, black, velvety smooth, perk-inducing beer.

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