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As of Thursday, 3/26/2020, we are carry-out only, open from 12-7pm. This includes to-go beer! 25% off all retail beer today. Short kitchen menu, and you can click this little orange bar to order online. Stay safe, everyone. Cheers. -HCB team

Honeycomb Over DIPA


Here’s a fun beer that we brew every few years, to remind everyone at HCB that no matter how spry we all feel, we’re getting thicker beards and thinner hairdos (the dudes, at least). Honeycomb Over DIPA is big and buzzworthy, with a GrowFood Carolina honey addition providing a little extra ABV sting. The comb-over is the universal symbol of man’s attempt to deny his age (and lack of hair), but we’re proud to be six years old as a brewery. So drink this beer, own your age, and watch out for bees.

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