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Hot Stove


We got a fire under us, and that fire egged us on to brew an American Brown Ale. Now, we’re not going to treat this one like the rest of them. We want this brown ale to stand out. We want it to be a special one. You know what? We want to split this batch in half and create a special two brown ales. The base of the beer is pretty straight forward. We got a malt build of Pale, Crystal, and Roast, and we’re going to throw some Callista and EKG hops in there. That doesn’t sound too crazy, does it?

The real magic comes after the beer recipe. Our brewers are either crazy, or creative, or a mix of the two, because after we split the batch, we decided to sour half of it, and we decided to throw habaneros and carrots in the other. The habanero and carrot amalgamation of this beer is called Hot Stove, because, like a hot stove, you’ve got to be careful with it. Just enough heat to make your mouth cry, and more than enough deliciousness to make you come back for more. Come grab a pint of the Hot Stove, and be careful you don’t get burned.

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