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As of Thursday, 3/26/2020, we are carry-out only, open from 12-7pm. This includes to-go beer! 25% off all retail beer today. Short kitchen menu, and you can click this little orange bar to order online. Stay safe, everyone. Cheers. -HCB team

Humble Warrior Pale Ale


Beth Cosi created Bendy Brewski Yoga to help “bring yoga to beer lovers,” and we partnered with her early on to help bring her yoga to our beer lovers. You can still catch a class with Beth almost every Monday night at the brewery. We thought it was high time to salute her peaceful awesomeness (and awesome peacefulness) with a beer. Humble Warrior gets its name from a yoga pose wherein one balances on one’s forehead and feet, arms stretched behind one’s back, hands held together. One false move could bring a humble warrior crashing down on their face. This 6.2% ABV, bright, citrus-forward pale ale should allow all you yogis out there to stay humble without a faceplant. Namaste!

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