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As of Monday, 04/06/20, we are open from 12-7pm. Click here for online ordering. We are serving an abbreviated food menu with specials each day, and we have $5 64oz. growler fills, $4 crowlers and $30 cases of beer on special until things get back to normal. Stay safe. Cheers.

Notorious H.E.N.


We’ve let it be known since our first year at Brewvival that we at Holy City Brewing love putting bacon into porters and brown ales. We typically slap an early 90’s Hip-Hop name on the beer to pay homage to the greats, and people have come to expect to drink a beer that has a meaty flavor as one of our brews that we bring to the festival.

This year is no different, although we decided to mix it up a little. We brewed an Imperial Porter with 220 pounds of smoked malts, all house-smoked by our friends at Fat Hen. Smoky beers already have that delicious, succulent, savory flavor that reminds the tongue of meat, but to finish it all off, we included 11 ounces of the secret recipe Fat Hen barbecue rub. No bacon here, but have no fear: this beer is liquid barbecue, the Notorious HEN.

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