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Are you in, or are you OWT? We’ve started brewing some fun, experimental IPAs in the winter of 2017 with some varieties of hops that we don’t typically dabble in, and OWT is the second IPA in this three-part drama-dy at Holy City Brewing this season. We’ve spruced it up with some CTZ hops, a juiced-up alpha varietal, which gives the beer a sharp yet herbal basis for our hop build. We tossed in some Simcoe, a certainly piney and tasty one, and put Sorachi Ace on top of the whole thing like a birthday cake, giving the beer a bitter, earthy and creamy bite. There’s layers upon layers, here.

OWT is an IPA for true lovers to the craft, and not a pint for those afraid of more bitter renditions of the style. This beer is for the hop-lover inside of every one of us, and the beer drinker who is not afraid to explore all frontiers of their own palette. A piney explosion, both ballanced and extreme in its own right. Are you ready to check it OWT?

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