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Patty Meltdown


Holy City Brewing is about camaraderie, and it always has been. Since the beginning, we’ve all loved spending time with each other, whether it was filming the first episode of “The Captain and JT Show,” or each and every one of the HCB Sasketball League Championships, or SOLID, the sports of leisure invitational decathlon that happens every year. We even have regular disc golf and vert ramp outings with each other, and we grab drinks whenever we can.

Speaking of disc golf, brewer Sean Guidera has been known to throw a mean frisbee. He also has a history of letting his temper get the best of him when things aren’t going his way on the links. It’s a force to be reckoned with, and when instances like these happen, we call them “Patty Meltdowns.”

We decided that pure, unadulterated anger is so dark and sinister, that we’d name our Belgian Dark after these terrifying occurrences, to once again instill our camaraderie with each other. We started with Pale, Munich, Carafa and Black malts come together over Azacca hops and Dark Belgian Candi Syrup to make a delicious brew, all fermented to perfection by Canadian Belgian yeast. This beer isn’t anything to be scared of. It’s a nice, malty brown Belgian, and it sits at 7.6% ABV.

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