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Prognosis Negative


Sometimes you wanna go see a movie with a friend, but that friend can’t go. Your other friend can go, but you’re committed to the first friend, so you blow off ths second friend. But that first friend, being a self-absorbed man-child, goes to see it with your second friend behind your back. The movie sucks, but the man-child won’t tell you that he saw it. So you eventually go with the man-child, and he is tortured by having to watch it twice and pretend he’s never seen it. ::cue slap bass::

Prognosis Negative is an IPA, super light in color thanks to the wheat in the malt bill, with lots of grassy, citrus notes from the unique charater of Australian Topaz hops. To be on the safe side, just bring ALL your friends to drink this beer at once. It’s a lot easier, and requires fewer sub-plots.

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