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Radical Suggestion IPA


At Holy City Brewing, we’re all about trying new things. We love those ideas that seem crazy, or off-the-wall, because we love the opportunity to create some unique, delicious brews. There are many great beer names thrown around that never see the light of day, and many radical suggestions that get left on the cutting room floor.

Dave didn’t let this happen with his new IPA that he brewed, using over twenty different hop varietals peppered over a malt build of Pale, Rye and Flaked Barley. Those hops include German Magnum, Bitter Gold, Halertau Blanc, Summit, and Mosaic, amongst several other “guest star” hops that really help to add a complexity to the nose and its flavor profile.

Everyone thought Dave was off his rocker when he suggested a twenty-hop IPA, and scoffed at his radical suggestion. Scoffing continued until they tasted the beer, and realized that this radical suggestion was a risk that paid off big time in the flavor department. And thus Radical Suggestion IPA was born.

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