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As of Monday, 04/06/20, we are open from 12-7pm. Click here for online ordering. We are serving an abbreviated food menu with specials each day, and we have $5 64oz. growler fills, $4 crowlers and $30 cases of beer on special until things get back to normal. Stay safe. Cheers.



We usually try to come up with innovate, catchy beer names that ring a bell in the hearts and heads of the people who loyally drink our brews. Sometimes, though, a descriptive, straight-forward name is all a beer really needs, and RKS is a no-frills name that lets you know exactly what you’re getting when you order it. The acronym stands for “Red Kettle Sour,” and you’re getting a delightfully tart, smooth, balanced beverage.

The hues come from crystal, red wheat and roast malts, which come together nicely with the East Kent Golding hops, and there’s enough sour in this beer to curl anyone’s moustache. We’ll have these in cans by the end of 2017.

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