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Tembia, Son of Bob


As part of some new outdoor amenities, we added a basketball hoop just outside our beer garden/deck. A brewery can’t have a basketball hoop and not have a team with home court advantage. In the brewery, we’re brewers. On the court, we’re the Holy City Hippos.

Doctor Capt’n Sweet Red, a.k.a. Assistant Brewer Sean Guidera, took the whole hippo thing to the next level. He took a collection and adopted* a hippo from this great organization, Save the Hippos (check ’em out on Facebook too).

Our hippo’s name is Tembia, and he’s the late Bob Hippo’s son. Since Tembia just turned 21 last year, we figured he deserved a beer. This 10%+ ABV imperial stout was brewed to honor his strength, courage, and overall hippotiousness.


Rain or shine, we dunk all the time!


*The hippo does not live with us, nor is he on our basketball team.


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