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The Fortune


This beer is the result of a crazy idea that we had, to brew a kettle-sour lager that was light, tart and crisp for the hot summer months. We knew we had a hit on our hands, but there was something missing. We put our collective heads together, and decided to fruit the beer, because kettle-soured ales always benefit from a good adjunct ingredient from that part of the food pyramid. Orange? Nope. Grapefruit? Nope. We felt that the citrus trope was a tad worn out, and we were looking for something a bit more tropical as the metaphorical icing on the cake. When someone suggested we put pineapple into the lager, we knew that was a match made in heaven. This easy-drinking, crisp kettle-sour lager is infused with pineapple, to give it a back end twang and round out the flavor palate. After that, we called it a day, named it The Fortune, and drank a pint of it ourselves!

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