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Tim’s Last Day IPA


Tim Bettencourt has been a key part of Holy City since we opened or doors. He’s brewed countless batches of beer that the drunken masses have swilled and enjoyed, and he’s done a lot of other tasks to make sure our inventory is on par, and to keep an otherwise disorganized posse on the same page. It’s hard to imagine the brewery without him.

All good things come to an end, though, and Tim is leaving us for the greener pastures of Oregon. We can throw him a party, and we can tell him we’ll miss him, but in true HCB fashion, we decided to brew a beer for him. Tim’s Last Day IPA is a Black IPA hopped with Equinox and Callista hops, and we brewed it the last week that Tim spent with us here. Even when he’s off, pursuing his life’s dreams, we can drink his beer and think of all the good times we had. We may not be able to hug Tim on a daily basis anymore, but at least we can drink a dark, hoppy Tim’s Last Day IPA.

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