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Ubbel Day


Jack Pitts is a name that you’ll see all over these beer descriptions. You know why? I’ll tell ya. Jack is one of the three brewers here at our quaint brewery, and he’s contributed to countless beer recipes, beer names, good times, sweet outfits, and anything you could really think of. He’s a pivotal part of what we do here at our little brewery behind the motorcycle shop, and this beer starts, once again, with Jack Pitts.

We decided to brew some malty, delicious golden Belgian brews in the winter of 2017 to keep our drinking fanbase not only warm, but quenched and satisfied on a flavor-level, and Jack insisted that our Dubbel be named in the fashion of Pig-Latin. After a group consensus, we decided, why not? This beer has a blend of Magnum and Azaca for its hop profile, and we throw some Pale, Crystal, Special B and Carafa malts on top of it, you know, to make a well-rounded, tasty beer. It wouldn’t be a Belgian without some specialty yeast and Belgian Candi Syrup. Ubbel Day all day!

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