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Way Out There


We did a lovely collaboration with our friends at Blue Ion, and we’re excited to tell you about it. Even though they’re a design firm, and we’re stuck in a warehouse brewing beer most of the time, we all love the outdoors, whether we’re lounging at the beach, sitting by the poolside, engaging in leisure sports, or throwing a fundraiser on a hot day, serving cold beers. We wanted to make a beer for the summer, to encourage imbibing amongst friends and colleagues, no matter how high the mercury on the thermometer is rising. So what did we brew? Is the suspense killing you yet?

Wait no longer! We are proud to tell you about our joint effort, Way Out There Gose. We brewed a nice, light beer with German Pilsner and Wheat malts, sitting right around 3.3% ABV. We kettle-soured this one over the weekend, and before fermentation, we added hibiscus and pink sea salt, to give this beer a color to match its funky flavor, and rounded this one out with a nice dose of Summer hops. It’s salty, crisp and tart, and it’s ready for your drinking pleasure.

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