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Hey y'all! Some of the functions of our site are getting updated for our new taproom, so please excuse us if the food menu is slightly different at our spot on 1021 Aragon Avenue for the time being. Cheers!



Garrett Hahn

Bartender - Brenton's Brother - New Cap

Garrett Hahn is our newest addition to our taproom staff, and he’s no stranger to some great craft brews. Garrett hails from Dayton, Ohio, and after living for a time in Cincinnatti, he and his brother took a move for greener pastures to our fine city of Charleston, South Carolina. He got his start in the local beer scene at Closed For Business on King Street, but now he splits his time at work between bartending for us at our spot on Dorchester Road and working in the tasting room at Edmund’s Oast Brewing Company. If you know anything about these spots, you know that they all specialize in delicious brew.

Garrett prefers to drink traditional German lagers, dry IPAs and dry Stouts, but he’s not afraid of any style you can throw his way. Look for him behind our bar and he’s sure to help you pick out a beverage that’s right up your alley!