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Jake Andrews

Dungeon Master - Kitchen Wizard - Beer Fan

Jake Andrews has been a staple of the Charleston “pub-food” scene for longer than you realize. He’s probably cooked for you at Juanita Greenberg’s Nacho Royale, and he has probably made your Duck Club at the Tattooed Moose. He’s one of those guys who loves cooking delicious foods at the different hubs and hotspots around the Charleston Metro Area, and he fried up your Tater-Tachos and the Recovery Room last night. Little-known fact, but he his the evil genius behind the delicious-yet-short-lived food stand next to Charleston Beer Works called “Holy Pies”, which were essentially gourmet hot-pockets, handmade, hot and ready for your eating pleasure. He’s moved around some, but he’s always had the same goal in mind: “Make good food for the drinking masses, and the fame will come.”

He’s our newest edition to the kitchen staff, and we couldn’t be happier about it. He’s worked with a lot of us at different spots, and we know that we can always rely on him for producing quality grub. It’s not complicated with Jake. He likes to eat nice things, and he makes sure that you like to eat them, too. He prefers an easy-drinking beer for the summer heat, and he’s not afraid of the bigger brews in the winter-time. If you get the inkling to buy him one, ask the bartenders what he likes and they’ll set him up for success. He’s also great at Magic: The Gathering and other long-form table games, so if you’re up for it, try to bring him down with your Infinite Damage Fireball Deck. It’s not a good idea, but you’ll have a story to tell your grandkids.