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Nigel Phinney

Executive New Guy - Hipster - Electric Nerd

Nigel is a great new addition to the kitchen staff, because he’s worked with most of them at other restaurants and really helps out with team cohesion. He grew up in the area, so he knows how to leave a touch of Charleston class on every dish he prepares, and he takes orders very well. We’re happy to have him as one of our new recruits in the kitchen, and even though he’s been with us only a few short weeks, it already feels like a lifetime.

In Nigel’s free time, you can find him shaking his moneymaker at EDM festivals. He’s into that computer music that all the kids are digging these days, and he says that stouts and sours help him really hone in on his dancing skills. Whether he’s fist-pumping or flipping burgers, he’s putting his whole heart into it!