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Sarah Sanderson

Sarah Sanderson
Bar Manager - Human Resources

Sarah joined us in July of 2017. She’s no stranger to serving our product, though, as she joined us after serving as the General Manager of the Tattooed Moose downtown for quite some time. Sarah knows her drafts and she knows customer service, which is good because it didn’t require us to put her through the rigorous and extensive training regiments that we have to unleash on most of the other employees.

Sarah works as active shift lead with us full-time, so you’ll see her behind the bar pouring up some foamy pints and making sure that everyone’s happy. It’s good thing she’s there, too, because it’s really, really difficult to get mad at her, because just like a Carolina Peach, she’s super sweet. She grew up east of the Cooper River in Mt. Pleasant, and is still proud to call Charleston her home. Now, go make her pour you some beer! You won’t regret it.

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