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Big Red Caterpillar


The Big Red Caterpillar is our take on a traditional Irish Red Ale, and it’s nice, malty and clean. This beer is a great springtime pint that won’t weigh you down with a heavy body. It’s got a nice malty finish from the Pale, Crystal, Aromatic and Roast malts, and East Kent Golding balances this beer off quite perfectly.

Where does the name come from? Like most of our red ales, this name was derived from the captain of our friend-ship, brewer Sean Guidera. This lovely man adores his reds, and at the time we were brewing this Irish ale, he had a big, fuzzy red moustache, which we all referred to as the Big Red Caterpillar. He loves drinking this beer, and getting the suds stuck in his flavor-saver.

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