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Billgian IPA


When we brew an exciting new beer, and we just can’t figure out what to call it, we turn to our employees and their wonderful brains, and there’s a think-tank of beer names that runs wild in the brewery that day, through the production floors, into the taproom and out the backdoor of the kitchen. Each and every person starts spitballing ideas, and until a name sticks, we keep at the Ole Drawing Board until one of the monikers truly speaks to us.

The Billgian IPA was no different. Our production manager, Bill Pitts, wanted to name the Belgian IPA after himself, and we really couldn’t turn it down, since none of the other ideas held very much weight. After much debate, Billgian IPA was born. It’s a Belgian, and Bill named it, so Billgian just made sense to us.

New hop variant Idaho 7 gives this beer tropical, tangy hop notes, and they poke through the fruity Belgian yeast in a delightful marriage of hoppy, fruity and magical. Grab a pint of the Billgian, and thank #BillPitts for giving this beer a name before it hit the tap wall. He’s the only guy on the production floor who doesn’t have a beard!

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