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As of Monday, 04/06/20, we are open from 12-7pm. Click here for online ordering. We are serving an abbreviated food menu with specials each day, and we have $5 64oz. growler fills, $4 crowlers and $30 cases of beer on special until things get back to normal. Stay safe. Cheers.

Caustic Sunset


We made history with Caustic Sunset, the first collaboration beer made by two Charleston-area breweries!

The crew from Frothy Beard Brewing, our friends and fellow North Charlestonians, visited our brewery to concoct this citrus-forward hoppy black lager with us. While we were hard at work brewing, Cupid was hard at work shooting arrows. We caught our Assistant Brewer, Senior Manuel Fantastico (a.k.a Tim), in a moment with his girlfriend Macey, who happens to be interning with The Frothies. The young lovebirds were holding hands and gazing at a tank running its caustic cleaning cycle. Leave it to another one of our Assistant Brewers, Doctor Capt’n Sweet Red (a.k.a. Sean), to lighten the mood by saying they were “staring into the caustic sunset…”

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