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Dear Mr. Buffett


A strong peach saison.

Below you’ll find a letter from a very special little boy to his hero.

Dear Mr. James Buffett,

My name is Jack Pitts, and I too am a pirate looking at 4, about 300 years too late. Ha ha ha ha! I’m your biggest fan, and I would love it if you could come play a concert at my place of employment, Holy City Brewing Company.

My mom once spent a night at Margaritaville, and said that I was dropped off by a flamingo 9 months later. Isn’t it crazy that babies are delivered by flamingos in little hats? I think that is so cool, do you? She said you might be my dad, but anyway”¦

Since you’re my idol you can play whatever you want when you come to Holy City Brewing Company on my birthday, December 2nd, but maybe if you’re feeling super generous you could smuggle in my dream setlist. It would include, in no particular order, Tin Cup Chalice (isn’t Tin Cup a funny movie? You would have been better than Costner, though), Lone Palm, and lastly, Barefoot Children in the Rain. And if I am one of your barefoot children in the rain, please wink twice during the song.

Thank you so much, Mr. Buffett! I love you.



Jack Pitts (James Buffett, Jr.)

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