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Flora Amora


When the boys from Carolina Brauernhaus told us that they had a pitch of specialty belgian yeast, we told them to come on down to Dorchester Road, because we had some beer to brew. This collaboration IPA uses heaps of Bohemian Pilsner and Flaked Wheat to keep the ABV high (7.8%) but tends to side on the more citrus-side of hops, with Vic Secret, 07270 and Lemon Drop bringing a nice bouquet of grapefruit to your nose and tastebuds.

We fermented the beer with a blend of our house ale yeast strain and Carolina Braurnhaus’s specialty Belgian yeast that they grow through Southyeast Labs to give this beer a fruitier than normal flavor from those bad little yeastie boys. This is the last IPA in our six-part 2017 Summer IPA series, but what a great series it was!

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