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Hoppy and The Blowfish (Sweet Lincoln’s Mullet)


When the summer heat starts to kick in, there’s nothing like a good old classic American Pale Ale to quench that thirst and make any activity more enjoyable. We started with some Pale malt, a logical jumping-off point, and we added just enough CTZ and Equinox to make this pale ale punchier and hoppier than our other APA offerings. 

The result is a delicious, easy-drinking beer with a bite that exudes floral notes as well as tropical fruit and berry notes on the nose. This one’s a must-have on a hot day, and a welcome addition to our ever-growing beer offerings. We settled on an Anchorman quote for this one, because we haven’t used one in a beer name in a while. We call this APA “Sweet Lincoln’s Mullet”, and you should come down here and grab one from the taproom while we’ve still got some in supply.

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