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House Lager


When people go visit a brewery, any brewery, really, they know that they are going to sacred, hallowed ground. Breweries are magical places where the beer is born, and they are the best spots to taste any of the crazy, wacky, fun creations that those brewers have made. People enjoy going straight to the source to taste those brews, knowing full and well that they will find beers that may never make it out for distribution, small-batch stuff and one-offs that can only be found right next to the brew system.

We decided that we wanted to brew a crisp, clean IPL with notes of citrus from Azacca and Citra hops, only to be consumed by those brave enough to make the pilgrimage to our little slice of heaven on Dorchester Road. Appropriately called “House Lager,” this beer is for the people who come into our spot to shake our hands, drink our beer and eat our burgers and wings. Sit back on the patio, close your eyes and enjoy the taste of this beer, and rest assured that you can’t find it anywhere else besides the HCB Taproom.

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