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Things are getting chilly outside (every now and then), and those…delightful songs are playing everywhere, so it must be time for The Holidays. We’re helping you celebrate, rejoice, and otherwise survive with our spin on Swedish glögg, a “mulled” blend of red wine and spices and/or raisins, traditionally served warm.

Julbocken uses a massive 10.6% ABV barleywine as a basis instead, and is spiced with cinnamon, cloves, star anise, and a plethora of secrets from the family of Brian Nelson, friend of the brewery and owner of The Keg Cowboy in Columbia.

The name also has Swedish origins, and directly translates to “Yule Goat.” In days gone by, the Julbocken delivered gifts to all the Swedish boys and girls. This is our gift to you, and we don’t care if you were naughty or nice. SkÃ¥l!

(Tasting room only)

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