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La Fortuna


When we got together with the guys from Lenny Boy Brewing Company, we knew things were going to get a little funky. These fine folks are known for their beers and wild ales, as well as kombucha, so when we sat there dreaming up a concoction to make together, we decided on one that was as much a part of us as it is a part of them.

We’re proud to give you La Fortuna, a delicious kettle-sour lager that has been spiked with pineapple, both before fermentation and inside of the bright tanks. This beer is crisp, tart and has a lovely fruity backing that makes throwing it back on a hot summer’s day, whether in NC or SC, that much more satisfying. We started with a built of Pilsner and Acidulated malts, and hopped the beer with Jarrylo, which gives notes of pear and orange on the nose, and Huell Melon, which glimmers with tones of fresh strawberry. We’ve got it at a nice, easy ABV of 5.6%, and we look forward to it as much as you do as a go-to drinker for the dog days of summer, 2018.


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