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Notorious P.I.G.: Mo’ Chocolate Mo’ Problems


The Notorious P.I.G. made a porky splash at Brewvival last year as one of a few beers incorporating meat, but in a highly successful way – no fatty mouthfeel or greasy glassware, just a robust porter with a bacon soul. With all the local love for savory desserts – salted cararmels, candied bacon popsicles, and the like – why not throw a little chocolate in the mix? Specifically, this is a chocolate porter dry-hopped with bacon (dry-baconed?), with a name continuing to pay homage to one Mr. Christopher Wallace. If you need someone to tell you who’s hot and who’s not after trying this, come see us.

This guy will feature 100 lbs of bacon cooked by HoM Burger Chef Shay MacDonald, and 25 lbs of smoked Papua New Guinea cocoa beans!

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