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As of Monday, 04/06/20, we are open from 12-7pm. Click here for online ordering. We are serving an abbreviated food menu with specials each day, and we have $5 64oz. growler fills, $4 crowlers and $30 cases of beer on special until things get back to normal. Stay safe. Cheers.

Run Home Jack


This is the second IPA in our six-beer summertime IPA series of 2017. This beer is bitter, and it’s got plenty of malt to back up that hop bite. We used Mandarina and Lemon Drop hops to give this one a real piney, resin-filled hop bouquet that is the opposite of those fruity and citrus-filled, traditional summertime IPAs. This beer’s got a bigger ABV than our other IPAs, sitting at a sturdy 7.5%. Brewer Jack Pitts loved brewing this beer, and it’s got enough hops and booze in it to make him run home from work.

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