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Holy City Brewing 7th Birthday Bash – End of the World Party

July 21, 2018

It’s that time of the year again, and we’re throwing ourselves a barn-burner of a party so we can celebrate another anniversary with all of you. This year’s theme is an “End of the World” Party, since we’ve been cranking out beers on Dorchester Road for seven years, and our time in our original spot slowly approaches an end. Dress up like Mad Max. Dress up like World War Z. Hell, dress up like The Day After Tomorrow, so long as you look like part of a dystopian future and are ready to drink some beers!

We’ll have over twenty-five Holy City beers on draft, including the winners of our “Bring Back This Brew” Contest from earlier this year. These include our clementine pale ale called Clementitious, S’more of the Worlds, a chocolate graham cracker imperial stout, and Fifty Shades of Green, our super-hopped DIPA from the days of yore. There will be a dunk tank with all of your favorite HCB staff members, so you can cool us down while donating money to Big Brothers and Big Sisters, all for a great cause.

Live Music by Stephen Jenkins (1-3pm) and Graham Whorley (4-7pm).

The Holy City Kitchen will be serving up a fun fast-food inspired menu outside under a tent next to the dunk tank. Such items included will be a flame-broiled burger with special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onion, a crunch wrap, a pickle-brined fried chicken sandwich, barbecued rib sandwich and more!

Full Tap List:

-Smoothie Criminal Strawberry Banana Soda

-Holy City Pilsner

-Pluff Mud Porter

-Paradise Session IPA

-Overly Friendly IPA

-Dorchester Lite

-Washout Wheat

-Guava Me Pink Wheat Ale (Thomas Creek Collaboration)


-Olfactory Hues IPA

-Dear Mr. Buffett Peach Saison

-Clementitious Clementine Pale Ale

-Madam Basil Saison

-Sparkly Princess Sour IPA

-50 Shades of Green DIPA

-Fat Albatross IPA (Frothy Beard Collaboration)

-S’more of the Worlds Imperial Stout

Rosé (Wine)

-Nitro 50 Shades of Green DIPA

-Nitro Pluff Mud Porter

-Honeycomb Over DIPA

-Biere de Garde

-Way Out There Hibiscus Gose

-Yeast Wrangler DIPA

-Smells Like Rick B.A. Pilsner

-Pedishaw Berliner Weisse w/ Peach

-Pedishaw Berliner Weisse w/ Mint

-Pedishaw Berliner Weisse w/ Pineapple, Jalapeno and Cilantro

-Pedishaw Berliner Weisse w/ Kiwi

-Pedishaw Berliner Weisse w/ Strawberry

-Pedishaw Berliner Weisse w/ Watermelon

-Pedishaw Berliner Weisse (Straight Up)

We will update this page as more information comes out about the party, but we wanted to get the word out there now. We’ll open the doors at 11am, and we’ll run the party until we close at 9pm. Children are always welcome, but we ask that you leave your pets at home. It’s going to be a great party, and we’re happy to have our apocalypse party with everyone there!