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Holy Evolution


It’s no secret that Holy City Co-Founder Chris Brown is a College of Charleston alum with a degree in Geology. What can we say, the man loves rocks and beer.

The latest Holy City creation brewed in honor of the CofC Geology Department, and the first in celebration of Darwin Week, is Holy Evolution! This malt-forward amber ale takes it easy on the hops, but still maintains a drinkable balance. In fact, it’s the perfect libation to help you ponder our planet’s ecological balance, AND plan your CofC Darwin Week calendar!

A little more official business on Darwin Week:

“Darwin Week is a celebration of the ideals and scientific curiosity of Charles Darwin. It is always held around Darwin’s birthday of February 12. International Darwin Day, in fact, is observed by the United Nations as a day where we can engage the public in the idea that science serves as a necessary tool for the betterment of humanity. This is the premise of our week as well…to educate the general public on why scientific discovery is so important and how Charles Darwin embodied the true characteristics of a scientist – intellectual bravery, scientific curiosity and thinking, etc.”



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